SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH

    IT solutions

    itWe are able to offer customized adaptations for electronic data transmission. An in-house IT department is available for individual solutions. Whether interfaces for order transfer, data provision or delivery status, we provide the data as required. Our ERP system gives us the flexibility to meet the needs of our customers.

    One of the most important action for the IT developers is the traceability. This means the relation of individual components and their associated data. All product information, such as supplier, datecode, batch numbers etc., are recorded from the time of the goods receipt. In case of a problem possible weak points can be localized - an exact traceability about the concerned components can be achieved in the shortest time.

    A further action in traceability is related to the evaluation, storage and provision of process-specific measurement and test results, which are recorded automatically during production. The analysis of the test data is situated within the production process and affects directly the quality evaluation.