SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH


    The tracking of all associated components is called traceability.

    Traceability is targeted at various areas within the production process. Starting with the delivery of the components all producer data, such as batch numbers and production date, are recorded in our system. In the case of a product rejection, we are able to analyze the source of the error and provide quick information which components and which assemblies are affected.
    In the further process each production and test step a product passes, will be recorded and stored accurately to compare it with set values simultaneous. During production we analyse the relevant data, e.g. the temperature of the reflow ovens. A fault-free production is our highest target. We can support our customers with the listed production parameters.

    Traceability is not only a customer benefit for time and cost reasons. Transparent production processes and the enhancement of product quality are the starting point to meet the growing demands of our customers. In many areas, e.g. Automotive and medical technology, traceability is an essential prerequisite for supplier selection.