SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH



    To produce all products according to customer-specific requirements and to meet the highest demands a complete documented quality management system is required. With our stable manufacturing processes and a practiced improvement process, we are aligned to a zero-fault production.

    The securing of our product quality begins already in the goods receipt. Controls by self defined software test plans are our standard. For process assurance in production, we use a wide range of technical monitoring systems - X-Ray, micrograph analysis, serial production data analysis, fault analysis, automatic 3D coordinate measuring system, SPI solder paste and 3D-AOI inspection as well as X-ray CT analysis.

    In addition to the technical prerequisites and the fulfillment of legal requirements the qualification of our employees is especially important. We always strive to provide the best possible support for each of our workers. We pursue our strategy with our proven apprenticeship program, training plans for internal and external courses and adult qualifications for our established staff.