SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH

    Technical monitoring

    The "KIC" online monitoring of solder profiles is installed directly in the reflow oven and checks all stored solder parameters which are individually adapted to the assemblies.

    Another type of technical monitoring is the 3D AOI inspection. The automatic optical inspection describes systems that use image processing tools to consider the quality of the produced circuit boards. After a product-related programming of the test profile soldering points, pins and components can be measured by highly modern cameras.
    Thanks to this technology the components are tested fully automated. During the testing the results are simultaneous evaluation and result directly into the quality assessment. As part of our traceability service we can provide all balance-generated data via automatic interfaces or on request to our customers.

    AOI NachkontrolleTwo of these state-of-the-art 3D AOI systems have been integrated into our production process in Lehesten since 2016. As of late we use this technology in our Romanian plant, too.

    Ensuring our quality requirements and the ongoing availability of test results is a great advantage that we can offer to our customers. Because of the AOI inspection we took a further step towards a zero-fault production in the area of quality assurance.

    3D X-ray is a proven method for analyzing the printed circuit boards, too. We offer this as an optional service for our customers.