SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH

    EMS Lehesten


    Foundation:      1965
    Location:   Lehesten, Germany
    Production area:   3800 m²
    SMT-Lines:   5
    Employees:   approx. 300


    2019 Urkunde IHK Top Ausbildungsunternehmen   Award as TOP training company by the IHK Ostthüringen.
    2018 Eingangsbereich   The entrance area in Lehesten has been redesigned.
    2017 E²MS 2017  

    Exchange of the SMT placement systems and purchase of a further selective soldering system. Expansion of the storage area. Renovation of sanitary rooms. Winner of the E²MS Award in the category Process Innovation.

    2016     Modernization of the soldering system and introduction of the 3D AOI test in Lehesten. Redesign of the visitor area.
    2015 2015   Expansion of existing production area in Jimbolia, Romania on 1000 m². Investment in a new reflow oven and two new 3D paste inspection devices.
    2014 2014   Laser marking system, modernization of the offices.
    2013 E²MS 2013   Investment into three Fuzion mounting machines, Winner of the E²MS Award in the category Business Management.
    2012 2012   In Lehesten, a separate training cabinet is being created. This makes a practical training possible.
    2011 E²MS 2011   Investment into five solder paste printers with 3D SPI, Winner of the E²MS Award in the category Business Processes.
    2009     Investment into Coating Technology in Lehesten, Nomination for 2009 E²MS Award.
    2008 2008   Start of EMS production in Jimbolia, Romania.
    2006 2006   SUMIDA Corporation becomes the main shareholder of "Vogt AG". Change of "Vogt electronic Lehesten" to "SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH".
    2005     Reorganization of "VOGT electronic Lehesten GmbH" into a full-service EMS provider with its own operational and strategic purchasing and sales.
    2004 2004   Certification according to TS 16949 and ISO 14001.
    1999     Modernization of the tooling department, Certification acc. QS 9000/VDA6.1.
    1997 1997   Build of a warehouse with a modern inventory control system.
    1996 1996   Renaming into "VOGT electronic Lehesten GmbH".
    1993 1993   Expansion of the production area for 1000 m².
    1991 1991   Vogt acquires "Letron Electronic GmbH".
    1990 1990   Foundation of "Letron GmbH electronic Lehesten", evolution to a electronic contract manufacturer German Reunification.
    1981 1981   Ferrite core memories are replaced by modern memory devices. Start pick and place production of circuit boards and the assembly of audio and dictation devices.
    1968 1968   A new main building was built in Georgstraße 8. The production of smaller memory devices has been possible by more modern production processes. This resulted in increased storage capacity and computing speed.
    1965 1965   Start of production of ferrite core memories and control electronics in Lehesten.