SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH


    We are audited and certified by the following standards:

    TS 16949 since 2004 – global quality standard of the automobile industry

    ISO 50001 since 2016 – energy management for optimum energy efficiency and thus environmental protection

    ISO 14001 since 2004  -  international environmental management standard

    ISO 9001 since 1995  - worldwide standard for quality management

    Zertifikat ISO 9001 SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH RA 2018 DE009081 1 EN Rev Zertifikat ISO 9001 SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH RA 2018 DE009081 1 EN Rev ISO 50001 TS IATF .


    All certificates of SUMIDA AG  


    In addition, SUMIDA Lehesten participates in the thuringia sustainability agreement "NAThüringen"



    Customer audits

    In order to secure customer-specific requirements, internal customer audits are carried out in addition to ISO and TÜV certifications. Among other things the compliance with prescribed process sequences and quality standards were checked.

    The auditing of external companies offers significant advantages. The periodic reviews ensure a constant advancement as well as the fulfillment of the highest quality demands.



    As an award for extraordinary achievements in various business sectors, we received:
    2017 - E2MS Award for process innovation
    2013 - E2MS Award for business management
    2011 - E2MS Award for business processes



    In 2019, we were honored by the IHK Ostthüringen as a TOP training company for special commitment in the areas of career orientation, vocational training and development of skilled workers.

    Urkunde IHK Top Ausbildungsunternehmen